Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge : My Smiling, Naked Face

Well, here I am (in the bathroom of all places--best lighting). I finally stopped wearing any make-up after becoming a SAHM. Lazy? yes. But I feel so much better. For years I though my eyes were dry from my contacts. Then I had laser surgery and I thought my eyes were dry from that. Then I thought I must just have naturally dry eyes. It turns out that when I don't wear mascara my eyes are just fine!

Also, I've learned a few things that make me comfortable with a naked face:

1. The love and acceptance I have received from God blows insecurity out of the water. He made me, redeemed me, and wants to love through me. Hating myself because I don't reach my broken standard of perfection is over, and that's big! Make-up is not bad or wrong (itchy eyes and questionable chemicals aside), it just has nothing to do with my identity.

2. People don't care as much as you think they do. I have always had a few people in my life that don't wear make-up and I didn't notice until I thought about it, or they suddenly wore it for a wedding or something. And I never, ever, thought that they were ugly (hideous, monstrous, whatever lie hits you when you look at yourself). For me, a person looks how they look and its actually change that surprises me, and then I get used to that look. It should be irrelevant to how I feel about a person's worth. When you love someone, they don't look ugly!

-End rant.

All that being said, I still wear make-up on special occasions. Except now I feel more self-conscious and uncomfortable when I do!

Must. post. flowers. :-)
Peonies are blooming now! And its been raining all day--yay!


  1. My peonies are the same color and they just bloomed this week! It was raining ALL DAY yesterday too!!!

    Beautiful picture mama! I wish I had the confidence to post a naked face picture of myself! Being a SAHM I'm naked most the time (face wise :)) but won't ever share a picture like that!

  2. That's right girl! God Loves you! Stopping by to say hi....Hi! from

  3. You look great! I don't ever wear makeup. Sometimes John will ask so I do, and I feel ridiculous then. I haven't worn makeup in close to 15 years, although I do still have some laying around somewhere.....Good for you!

  4. Since I've been a SAHM I don't wear makeup either. I do wear a tinted moisturizer, but I don't even wear eyeliner unless it's a special occasion anymore. The less and less I wear it, the happier I've actually become with how I look.

  5. I second the "dont wear makeup". WHy bother? Seriously chasing a child around doesn't call for it and I really like my natural beauty. BTW you are beautiful!

  6. I don't wear makeup either. :)

  7. I wear makeup any time I'm going somewhere. If I have time. And my husband hates it. He always asks why I wear it. But he likes it, he can't lie! I just feel better with it on-- like my eyes pop and people wonder if my eye lashes are real or fake. :) hehe
    But if I had skin like yours, I doubt I would bother with makeup. It's beautiful!

  8. All your comments are so kind and humbling! I'm glad to be blogging with you all :-)

  9. Great post... thanks for sharing!

  10. I gave up on makeup when I quit work, except when I leave the house-which is not often anymore. I love your peonies, mine bloomed in March here in the South.I am now following your blog.

  11. SO beautiful- all of it! I'm stoked to be following your blogging challenge! :)

    Also- I wish my computer screen would let me smell that peony!