Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Couch

A week ago our living room couch looked like this: 
That’s what happens when you give your couch to a Great Dane. The appearance and reduced functionality of the couch had been greatly distressing me for some time. I was quietly asking God for a new couch to fall into our laps, but nothing was happening. It was the THING that made me cringe at inviting people over. It shed foam bits and who-knows-what and our son was starting to climb and play on it. I looked at Craigslist, but transportation was an issue so I didn’t make any calls. Then one night I told my husband that it had to go, even if there was no replacement. Maybe we could live without a couch. He said, wait ‘til the weekend and if you feel the same, then okey-dokey. Saturday came, and out went the couch! Yay! But the space was empty and awkward and felt wrong. All I had to put there was a skinny little rocking chair and the thought of the imbalance in the room made me feel dizzy. This room has enough dizzy in it with the floor slanting and all. So I made a call to some locals who were giving away a couch. It was still available! Then I called my parents, picked up their van, and dropped off the little one. After a bit of head scratching, prayer, and inspired angling, it fit through the door! Then back to swap van and baby and home in time to have friends over. Ahhh, it’s such a nice feeling to have a usable, respectable couch again. For free! I’ve said this before, but I think people who give things away are awesome, and I want to be more like them.God provided, I just needed to take action.

The colors actually match the wall behind it, but the white background is too bright for everything else in the room, hence the slipcover, which will also serve as protection from the new owner of the couch…our Great Dane.

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