Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dumbarton Oaks Part 3: From Formal, to Fanciful, to Gardening Pebbles

I tried so hard to thing of another word beginning with F for the title! I like alliteration--who doesn't? Above is the Perennial Border currently bedded with tulips and pansies. These will all be ripped out when the display fades and the perennials will take over the show. I wish I could see that!

Imagine coming around a corner and seeing these below--delightful! I love gardens with surprises. (The good kind. Not: "Argh, dog poo!") I have a hard time creating any in my own because I'm afraid to enclose any areas of the yard to create "rooms".

 I like trying to imagine who would live in them. Puddleglum came quickly to mind to and I found a picture that shows how my brain is ingrained with the Chronicles of Narnia:

I Couldn't find any information about these structures online. I overheard someone say that they are composed of living vines. They also have many sticks woven in to make the bulk of the structure, as bbC demonstrated by reverse engineering.

Next, we have a Pebble Garden, where my niece and nephew practiced traditional Chinese medicine and ran around in their socks. When asked if it felt good or just lumpy, they answered the latter. *Chuckle*

 And Finally, to close out the series, a beautiful Dumbarton Oak!


  1. Wow. Amazing place - this is the stuff dreams are made of!

    1. Isn't it? I was so blessed to go there and soak in the beauty.

  2. !!!! I can't believe you got to see these! I just recently became kind of obsessed... Looks like arbosculpture by Patrick Dougherty- http://dornob.com/natural-architecture-home-grown-artistic-tree-houses/

    Just beautiful!

    1. Awesome! Those pictures in your link are so fantastic!

  3. Oh My!!! I want to go there! Can I post a link of your blog post to my friends so they can see your beautiful pictures?
    Please say yes...