Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the title

I love flower gardens. I love planning and dreaming about them, I love working on them, I love sitting beside them. Sometimes I worry that its a massive waste of time and money and I'm Scottish, darn it! If you're gonna spend money, it better be worth it. But I learn a lot through gardening. I learn about the motivation of hope--I can spend two days hauling (well helping to hall-thanks, My Love) six cubic yards of dirt, all the while thinking, "This is gonna be the best garden ever!" I learn about the price of letting others do the work--I could have grown that plant from seed and watched it and watered it and transplanted it, but I'm willing to pay you more to do it for me. I learn about the perniciousness of weeds left alone--like this one weed which starts out with two tiny leaves, but grows 12ft high with massive, stinking berries and a tap-root like a carrot bigger than your leg that you can never get rid of. Then, next season, the area is covered in weeds with two tiny leaves... I digress. My conclusion is that I love gardening and its good for me. Better than that, my Father loves gardening, too! Every aspect, from planting to reaping and seasons and, well, everything! can be a spiritual analogy. Its powerful when God takes something that I love to do and shows me real things about Himself, so I often find myself saying, "Garden me, Lord!"

And so, I have a blog. I imagine it will be more than a bit about gardening, with thoughts and rants filling in the spaces. I refuse to gripe about how I hate to write, and it takes me two hours to write a paragraph, and nobody cares etc. I choose to express myself, and since I am a work of God's hands, may he be glorified.

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