Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Cup-a-Soup...a rant

So I had a hankering (an hankering?) for cup-a-soup while I was shopping at Wegman's so I decided to pick some up. Before grabbing this impulse buy, I took a moment to look at the price. I blinked. I may have even gasped. The cup-a soup was $1.29 for a box. Not too shabby. Right next to it was a box of chicken noodle for $1.39--same brand. It had more servings and it cost $1.39. But the kicker was this: The standard, 5 minute, chicken noodle cost $5.50/lb. The Cup-a-soup cost $11.50/lb!!! That is a high price to pay to make soup in a cup. I actually debated with myself for a while because if I paid the 10 cents more and couldn't finish it, is that a bigger waste of money? Then My Love said he would help me eat it and the dilemma was resolved. One thing I'm grateful for is that Wegman's posted both the unit prices using the same units, instead of one per pound and one per ounce--which will occasionally stymie me. That's like hitting a big word while reading and your choices are to skip over it or google it, and skipping is faster. But if you don't stop to figure it out, you really are none the wiser. That's why you can often find me standing for 5 minutes frowning at two boxes of soup.


  1. My wise purchase was rendered null and void by my discovery of the second package of soup (it comes with two) torn apart in the dog's bed this morning. Ha!

  2. Hilarious that the dog ate the package...I guess you don't need to add water if you're really hungry.

    Regarding the price...noodles are really cheap over here! Stock up on your next visit to HK!

  3. That would be great! Hopefully we would have some hard-sided luggage to carry it home in or all we'd have is crumbs:-)