Friday, May 4, 2012

Cherry blossoms take my breath away

When I went to D.C. over Easter, most of the cherry blossoms were past their peak. Like here in Western NY, they also had an early Spring warm-up. The average peak bloom date is April 4th and this year's date was March 20th. Since I was there the first week of April, I resigned myself to not seeing the thousands of blooming cherry trees. Well, we were walking from the Metro to the zoo in an endless parade of families with strollers, when I stopped and caught my breath. I immediately exited the parade and meandered about the grounds of the Marriott, taking pictures, while bbC patiently waited in his stroller and was rained on by cherry blossom petals. How very nice of the Marriott to invest in and share a beautiful landscape!

All good things must come to an, um, end. These type of seasonal displays are all ripped out and re-done with the next season's bedding plant. I wonder what they put in next? If I lived nearby, I would be tempted to ask them for the bulbs. On  the other hand, I don't care for the way tulips decline each year. That's why they make good bedding plants.


  1. Oh, thank you! This was absolutely lovely. I needed it. :) What beauty God has created.

  2. What beautiful pictures. I swear I was breathing in deeper while I was reading the post in hopes of smelling their sweet smell, lol!

  3. Your photos are something. I'm going to follow you so I can come back and look at all your stunning posts about flower. What a fabulous gift you are giving us. These are exceptional.