Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And now for something completely different.

Hello blog! It’s been a long time! Much has happened in the interim, the most significant being our 13 month old son. What a gift he is! More on that later. What has compelled me to write again? No idea. But this is what I have to say:
I love coconut oil as a moisturizer! It is very soothing and I like that I know exactly what is in it. Coconut oil. Period. Its great after shaving my legs—takes away all the sting. I had an idea yesterday and decided to change things up. I put the oil on my legs before the shower. I like a HOT shower. Every few minutes I turn that knob a little more to the left. (Husband boost: I’m so grateful he gives me that time every evening to relax in the shower while he plays with bbc!) Its winter and my skin is pretty dry and my hot showers only exacerbate the dryness. To keep my itchy skin from hurting when the blessed hot water hits it, the other day I put coconut oil on my back and hips before the shower. Worked great! Soft skin and no pain. So I thought, why not try the legs? Benefits are easier shaving, protection from cuts, and moisturized legs. It is recommended to put oil on your razor to keep it from rusting, so add that to the list. Possible drawbacks are the oil gooping up the razor and slipping in the bathtub. I did notice that my second leg is not as smooth as the first. That and the slippery bathtub might deter me from continuing this strategy, but I’ll try it for a time. I definitely felt very historical in this routine, like I was at a Roman bath. Just forget the frigidarium, please.
Some (very few) of you may ask, “Why shave at all?” I tried that during a few winters, mostly out of laziness. I think its perfectly natural and should be socially acceptable. Don’t feel guilty about your leg hairs, friends! But you see, my genes have made me so very hairy. Not one hair, but at least three grow from each follicle. And if beards are itchy…more info than you wanted to know about me? That’s what blogging is all about, right?
What’s your most recent revelation about coconut oil? Leg hair?
And now for your gratuitous garden photo:
I imagine myself in this picture hopping from flower to flower! Taken in '09, these 'Crazy Daisies' aren't doing so well. They are being crowded by the Japanese anemone. Ah well, that's why I take pictures :-)

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