Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Design Comes Alive

It seems the best time for blogging is the winter. Cold nights lend themselves to dreaming in flowers. But the beauty of the garden right now is just crying out to blogged about. One way I experience God's love is through beauty. He may not have planted with His own hands or played the instrument, or caused the child to laugh (or did He...?), but he gave us the senses to experience it, the capacity to be filled by it, and the commensurate longing for it. This evening in the garden left me full and longing at the same time. Thank you, Father!
One of the goals of this garden design was to be easy to see in the evening, since that's when I have time to enjoy it. In the jargon of the web: Epic Win!


  1. Gorgeous.. love those Foxglove!

  2. Thanks! They have been very generous in reseeding themselves all over the garden :-)