Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Genius of Farmers

A few weeks ago we went to an estate sale down the road and picked up a push broom, a shovel, and a hoe (as well as the yellow bowl in the pool garden). Woohoo! I don't ever remember using a hoe. My clearest memory having anything to do with a hoe is freshman year of college there was a one outside at a class (Why? No clue.). Its amazing how many jokes can be made about a dirty old hoe.

While my perennials are enjoying Spring and getting lush and happy, bajillions of malicious plants are being born every second. Its pretty disheartening. So I thought about picking up the hoe, but you know what stopped me? Embarrassment! I'm a flower gardener, not a farmer! What will people think of me, hoeing my perennials? But, like with my new gardenning hat, I threw vanity to the wind and hoed my row...of tiarella cordifolia.

Farmers are geniuses. The tiny baby weeds are easily scraped off the surface and biggers ones are hacked out with the corners. How supremely satisfying! And totally worth the plebian feeling. Thanks farmers!

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